Upcoming Trainings and Recordings

Previous Trainings Handouts

I’ve Taken a Lichen to Lichen

Handouts: Lichen Handout

Plant Management 101 – Planting Management and Edits

Handouts: Plant Management 101 Handout & Young Stand Thinning Strategies & Best Management Practices for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Natural Landscapes

How Much do you Gnaw About Beavers? – Beavers Management

Handouts: Beaver Best Management Practices & How Much do you Gnaw About Beavers Handout

Grow Your Plant Identification Skills

Handouts: Grow Your Plant ID SkillsNative Plants of the PNW

Pollinator Practicum 

Handouts:  Pollinator Practicum & Pollinator FAQ

You Won’t BeLeaf Your Eyes! – Winter Twig Identification

Handouts: GSP Winter Twig ID

You can also find recordings from previous trainings below.


GSP Videos

Check out our previous trainings and webinars that we have recorded, as well as training videos we have put together for you!

Youth Voices and Opportunities (Webinar and resource video)​

Forests in Cities – A National Perspective of the Management and Care of Urban Natural Areas

Just Language: Transitioning Plant and Animal Names and Context

Centering Anti-Racism Within GSP

GSP Art Engagement

Woodchips in planting hole

Plant Orders

Western Red-Cedar Die-off

Duwamish Tribe and Land Acknowledgement 

Environmental Justice and Wildlife in our Urban Ecosystems

Online Volunteer Recruitment

Measuring restoration areas

Related Training Opportunities

Our partners have a wealth of information and host webinars and trainings to share it! Below is a list of organizations that host webinars, with links to their websites.

Washington Native Plant Society

Delridge Neighborhood Development Association (DNDA)

King Conservation District 

Seward Park Audubon

Seattle Audubon

US Forest Service Urban Forest Connections

Other Online Webinars

Check out these webinars that we have enjoyed and learned from! 

If you have suggestions for trainings that you would be interested in, or think would be helpful for others, please email us.

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