Back in the summer, we posted about the “Dashboard” and how it helps us track our progress citywide. Well, here it is again! As you can see the numbers keep going up. Looking at this Dashboard as we close out the 3rd quarter of the year, one can see we are nearing some of our principal 2015 goals of clearing 20 new acres of invasive weeds, installing 60,000 native plant seedlings and entertaining 70,000 volunteer hours.

Worthy of note is a swell of volunteer support, a boost of watering visits as well as big maintenance numbers through the summer months. Also, our restoration contractors were out in force, sweeping through the forest to eliminate woody invasive trees and knotweed – these are the most persistent Class B noxious weeds we find lingering under the native tree canopy and on the forest edges.

Over 30,000 plants will be going out into the hands of the GSP forest stewards in October and November. You can help us with boots on the ground at Green Seattle Day or really any other day by attending an event posted on the CEDAR events calendar. See you out in the woods!

Dashboard Q1-3 2015

Dashboard Q1-Q3 2015

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