FS Orientation 2017

You may be ready to take your GSP volunteer commitment to the next level if you:

  1. Have attended a restoration workparty event in the past year in Seattle;
  2. Really love one particular forested park in your neighborhood and are concerned about its future;
  3. Want to improve your skill set in restoration; and
  4. Want to help make Strong Communities and Healthy Forests a reality in Seattle!

If that sounds like you, save the dates for our new 2017 Forest Stewards Orientation:

March 4, 2017 – Forest Steward Orientation

Day 1 of 2:  GSP staff will facilitate an indoor interactive session focused on the basics of the GSP program, including how you can lead your own restoration projects. We will also cover the history of Seattle’s forests, best management practices, use of online tools, and roles & responsibilities.

April 1, 2017 – Forest Steward Skills-Building Day

Day 2 of 2:  GSP staff will facilitate a brief indoor session, then we will head outside to a nearby park to learn about and try out best management practices for weed removal, volunteer management, and more!

For more details on the Forest Steward program, check out the Forest Steward position description to see if you are up for the challenge.  If you are, contact Andrea to find out how to attend our 13th Forest Steward Orientation! Need ideas? Here are several parks where we are recruiting for new forest stewards:

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