20 Year Strategic Plan

Curious about Seattle’s Forested Parklands?

The original GSP Strategic Plan, written in 2006, describes the problems facing Seattle’s forested parklands, the Green Seattle Partnership solution, and how we will implement it. Seattle Parks Department recently launched its 10 Year Strategic Plan Update of the Green Seattle Partnership. Since we are over half way through the predicted 20 years it will take to restore all of Seattle’s forested parklands, we took the opportunity to assess the program and make any adjustments. The 2017 Strategic Plan Update describes the program’s evolution and successes, identifies areas of opportunity, outlines how the vision and goal will be achieved, and establishes community support for our forested parklands beyond 2025. Our main goals are:

  1. Restore and maintain the forested parklands and designated natural areas of Seattle.
  2. Expand and galvanize an informed, involved, and active community around forest restoration and stewardship.

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Executive Summary

Original Strategic Plan (2006)

Full Plan

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