Shareholders Meeting

If you invest time, energy, or funds into the work of the Green Seattle Partnership, then we consider you a shareholder in our success. Once a year, we take the opportunity to gather our shareholders together at our annual event to network with each other, share what we are doing citywide, report on the state of the Partnership, and delve into a pertinent and timely theme.



The 2018 annual GSP Shareholders Meeting occurred on January 27 at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and featured the theme “Telling Our Story”. Just over 100 participants attended the event on this cold and blustery Saturday. Seattle Times environmental reporter Lynda Mapes was the “Treenote” speaker and proved to be a big hit, according to results of the post-event survey.

Following a panel discussion on the different avenues and methods for telling our stories, participants broke out into groups of successively larger sizes throughout a session entitled Spaces & Places, during which they discussed the different ways we tell the stories of our forest places. The end result of this exercise was the reporting out of each table’s top stories, along with notes on the audiences, approaches and ideas for GSP support that go along with each story. See those stories here or in the link below.

Another beneficial feature of the event was a Shareholders Showcase, populated by posters and information tables hosted by GSP partners. Check out this list of showcase participants, the event’s agenda, and the State of the Partnership presentation (also linked below).



Resources from past Shareholders Meetings:

2018 “Telling Our Story” Meeting at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

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