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Here is a view of all Seattle Parks were Green Seattle Partnership projects. Looking for a Green Seattle Park near you? Click on a location marker for park names and information.

Red Marker Carkeek Park


950 NW Carkeek Park Rd.

Seattle, WA  98177

Beautiful views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  Over 6 miles of trails run through the forests in this sound-side park.

More about this Park.

47.71071 -122.372095
Red Marker Seward Park


5902 Lake Washington Blvd S.

Seattle, WA 98118

A 277 acre park  

Within the Seattle city limits, Seward park boasts 300 acres of beautiful forest land - home to eagles' nests, old growth forest, a 2.4 mile bike and walking path, an amphitheater, a native plant garden, an art studio, miles of hiking trails, and more.

More about this park.

47.5505792812 -122.256546021
Red Marker Lincoln Park

8011 Fauntleroy Way SW

Seattle, WA  98136Lincoln

Called Fauntleroy park until purchased by the city in 1922, the park was put together in stages as West Seattle Developed. It features a heated saltwater pool, a playground, hiking trails, fireplaces, and several horseshoe pits.

More about this park.

47.5296911796 -122.393059731
Red Marker Ravenna Park

5520 Ravenna Ave. NE

Seattle, WA  98105

Ravenna Park is a ½ mile wooded ravine which connects two picnic areas just north of the University District, and is a popular spot for hiking, jogging and picnics. Park features include a play area for children, a wading pool, ballfield, trails, and tennis courts.

More about this park.

47.6698199715 -122.303522229
Red Marker West Duwamish Greenbelt

Highland Park Way SW & W Marginal Way

Seattle, WA 98106

With over 800 acres , the West Duwamish Greenbelt is the largest contiguous forest in Seattle. 

More about this greenspace.

47.542827 -122.352559
Red Marker Colman Park

1800 Lake Washington Blvd.

Seattle, WA  98144Colman

Colman Park features a beach with grass, big drooping willows, and picnic tables. If you've brought along your Frisbee, football, soccer ball, or volleyball, the grass to the north makes a friendly playing ground.

More about this park.

47.586678 -122.289356
Red Marker Cheasty Greenspace

Cheasty Blvd S

Seattle, WA 98144

The Cheasty Greenspace provides 43 acres of woodland habitat in South Seattle.

More about this greenspace.

47.5724507159 -122.299101949
Red Marker Discovery Park

3801 W Government Way

Seattle, WA 98199

Discovery Park is a 534 acre natural area park operated by the Seattle Parks and Recreation. Its role is to provide an open space of quiet and tranquility away from the stress and activity of the city, a sanctuary for wildlife, as well as an outdoor classroom for people to learn about the natural world.

More about this park.

47.658994 -122.406234
Red Marker Dr. Jose Rizal Park

1008 12th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

On the west side of Beacon Hill, Dr. Jose Rizal Park has an amazing view of south Downtown and Elliot Bay. The park has a dog off-leash area at its north end, and picnic tables, restrooms, and a small play area for children to the south.

More about this park.

47.593779 -122.317308
Red Marker Frink Park

398 Lake Washington Blvd. S
Seattle, WA  98112


The 17.2 acre Frink park boasts 1.3 miles of trails that wind through the densley vegetated ravine.   Join the friends of Frink park in regular restoration events, and see all of the progress they have been making in the park.  For more info about the group go to:

More about this park.

47.599132 -122.288856
Red Marker Golden Gardens Park

8498 Seaview Pl NW

Seattle, WA 98117

Located in Ballard on Puget Sound, this popular park provides extraordinary views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Golden Gardens offers strolls along a rugged coastline, hikes through forest trails, sunbathing on sandy beaches, fishing from a pier and a boat launch.

More about this park.

47.690579 -122.402091
Red Marker Hitt's Hill Park

5234 37th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98118

Hitt’s Hill is a 3.2-acre wooded hilltop on the southwest end of Columbia City that was once home to the Hitt’s Fireworks factory.

More about this park.

47.55422 -122.286101
Red Marker Interlaken Park


2451 Delmar Dr. E
Seattle, WA  98112

Winding through the trails of this 51.7 acre park you have a chance to spot some of Seatte's old growth redwood trees; the park boasts the largest in the state.    More about this park.

47.632501281 -122.307293415
Red Marker Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park

W Government Way, between 35th Ave. W & Brygger Ave. W

Seattle, WA 98199

Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park is one block east of Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood. It is an urban forest and wildlife corridor that is home to Seattle's largest nesting colony of Great Blue Herons.

More about this park.

47.6627066517 -122.401374578
Red Marker Leschi Natural Area

1000 Lake Washington Blvd

Seattle, WA  98112

Adjacent to the manicured Leschi Park, the Leschi Natural Area is a forested acreage with beautiful views of Lake Washington. More about the park.

47.5934248835 -122.287656963
Red Marker Lewis Park

1120 15th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

The park (more of a greenbelt) is located just east of the Pac Medical Center on North Beacon Hill.

More about this park.

47.5942551378 -122.316198349
Red Marker Licton Springs Park

9536 Ashworth Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

Licton Springs was once a healing center for Native Americans, who constructed sweat lodges and bathed in the mineral waters of the springs. The springs still flow, but only from a concrete basin into pipes which flow southbound to mix with the City's sewer system.

More about this park.

47.700483 -122.33973
Red Marker Llandover Woods Greenspace

NW 145th St. & 3rd Ave. NW

Seattle, WA 98177

Llandover Woods is a greenspace owned by the City of Seattle near Shoreline. The property extends from the end of a street down the ravine towards the shore.

More about this greenspace.

47.727286 -122.360934
Red Marker Longfellow Creek Greenspace

Delridge Way SW

Seattle, WA 98106

Longfellow Creek is located in the Delridge Valley of southwest Seattle, on the Duwamish Peninsula. It drains a 2,685 acre watershed into the Duwamish river, and current community restoration efforts in that watershed include invasive weed removal and native tree and shrub planting.

More about this greenspace.

47.54663 -122.362913
Red Marker Madrona Park

853 Lake Washington Blvd

Seattle, WA 98122

Madrona Park and Beach is located on the waterfront on Lake Washington. The park includes a wooded hillside that slopes down to a grassy beach and swimming area, a jogging path along Lake Washington, and several picnic areas.

More about this park.

47.6103366804 -122.284494638
Red Marker Maple School Ravine

20th Ave S and S. Lucile St.

Seattle, WA 98108

This linear natural area at the south end of Beacon Hill includes about 15 acres of publicly owned property. It is the wooded hillside several blocks east of Cleveland High School, and just west of the historic Comet Lodge Cemetery.

More about this park.

47.546447 -122.30597
Red Marker Me-Kwa-Mooks Park

4503 Beach Dr SW

Seattle, WA 98116

Me-Kwa-Mooks Park is across the street from the Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook and immediately south of Me-Kwa-Mooks Natural Area. Most of the park stretches up the hillside and extends north and farther south on land that is largely undeveloped, providing  habitat for many birds, including screech owls.

More about this park.

47.562944 -122.406261
Red Marker Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt

Dexter Way N, Lynn St.-Wheeler

Seattle, WA 98109

The Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt is the forested hillside along the eastern slope of Queen Anne Hill, just above Aurora Avenue North. It offers scenic views of Lake Union and the Cascades.

More about this greenbelt.

47.6346268532 -122.347800136
Red Marker Schmitz Preserve Park

5551 SW Admiral Way

Seattle, WA 98116

Schmitz Preserve Park has old growth forest, walking paths, Hiking and nature study.

More about this park.

47.577079 -122.404347
Red Marker St. Mark's Greenbelt

St. Marks Greenbelt

1500 Lakeview Blvd. E
Seattle, WA  98112


2.9 acres of wooded hillside serves as a buffer between Capitol hill and I-5.  These greenbelts help connect greenspaces and parks around the city of Seattle.  Join friends of St. Mark's Greenbelt in their regular restoration events.

More about this greenbelt.

47.633023 -122.322728
Red Marker South Portage Bay
47.6414656927 -122.312829494
Red Marker Thornton Creek Park 6

Thornton Creek Park 6

Near 103rd St NE & 5th Ave NE

Seattle, WA

47.7037547482 -122.322421074
Red Marker Warren G. Magnuson Park

More about this park.

47.6758776313 -122.252812386
Red Marker Yesler Creek Headwaters

About the Park.

47.66805 -122.279398
Red Marker Camp Long

More about this park.

47.554674 -122.376266
Red Marker Lawton Park

More about this park.

47.655457 -122.389903
Red Marker Kinnear Park
47.627136 -122.36689
Red Marker Maple Schoool Ravine

Graham S & S 21st St

Seattle, WA 98108

This linear natural area at the south end of Beacon Hill includes about 15 acres of publicly owned property. It is the wooded hillside several blocks east of Cleveland High School, and just west of the historic Comet Lodge Cemetery.

More about this park.

47.546447 -122.30597
Red Marker East Duwamish Greenbelt

East Duwamish Greenbelt

Join the Urban Wilderness Project as they help to restore the East Duwamish Greenbelt.  Learn more about the Urban Wilderness Project.

47.5162732117 -122.277145386
Red Marker Harrison Ridge Greenbelt

Harrison Ridge Greenbelt

Harrison Ridge greenbelt is a 3.5 acre wooded area in Seattle's Madison Valley.

47.61846 -122.291332
Red Marker Westcrest Park

Westcrest Park

Westcrest park is a 81.1 acre parks that surrounds the West Seattle reservoir.  It contains a dog off leash area, playground, trails and plenty of forested parklands.


47.5239244822 -122.33757019
Red Marker Cheasty Greenspace- Mountain View

Cheasty Greenspace Mountain View

The south end of the 43.4 acre Cheasty greenspace that is located on the south side of S Columbian Way and Mountain View Dr S. The community has come together here to help turn this parkland greenspace into a beautiful park.

To learn more about this Greenspace and the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View click here


47.5605134181 -122.298045158
Red Marker Fauntleroy Park

Fauntleroy Park

3951 SW Barton St.

Seattle, WA  98136

more about Fauntleroy Park....

47.5210151 -122.3831701
Red Marker Woodland Park

Woodland Park

50th St and Woodland Park Ave N

Seattle, WA  98103

More about Woodland Park....

47.6668902248 -122.344651222
Red Marker Seola Park

Seola Park

11399 Seola Beach Dr. SW

47.4990777 -122.3762278
Red Marker Thornton Creek Park 2
47.7030038502 -122.30946064
Red Marker Lakeridge- Deadhorse Canyon

Rainier Ave. S and 68th St.

Seattle, WA 98178

Learn more about this park by visiting this site and join us for a restoration work party to help with its restoration.

47.5044463261 -122.246932983
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