Volunteering with the GSP

Volunteering with the Green Seattle Partnership is a great way to give back to your community, get outside, and improve the health of a local park. Whether you’re passionate about keeping our public parks healthy and green, need to complete a service requirement, or are just looking for a fun workout, we invite you to join us in restoring and caring for Seattle’s forest. If you have any questions please email info@greenseattle.org

All our volunteer events follow COVID-19 safety protocols, also listed below. Participants are encouraged to decide if leading or participating in Green Seattle Partnership activities is appropriate for them based on their own health decisions and the health of their immediate community. Contractors/consultants engaged in community engaged work on behalf the Seattle Parks and Recreation will ensure that these protocols and guidelines are included and/or referenced in their safety protocols.

Everyone can help keep our forested parks healthy and green! No experience necessary. Find a community event near you and dig in.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

  • Event Size – There is no event size limit for outdoor events. Instead, event leads are encouraged to limit events to 30 people or less, provided lead to participant ratios are at least 1:10 to allow for close supervision and safe programming. Events larger than 30 participants are possible but require logistics review with a GSP Plant Ecologist and potentially an event-specific safety plan.


  • Event Duration – There is no event duration limit for outdoor events. Instead, event leads are encouraged to host shorter events or offer 2-hour shifts.


  • Health Screening – Health screenings are not required to be administered at the start of the event. Event leads will continue to encourage participants to monitor their health conditions before attending an event and will encourage participants to stay home if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breadth or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of smell or taste. A health screening sign will be posted with registration information at the event.


  • Volunteer Registration – Participants are encouraged to pre-register and agree to waiver language prior to the event using the GSP online registration system, CEDAR. During the event, registration materials including clipboards, pens and surfaces will be sanitized frequently.


  • Distancing – All participants shall maintain 6-feet distancing from other participants (outside of their household) or other park users at all times. Leads should consider the following to ensure safe distancing:
    o Work areas need to be spread out with ample space to maintain distance between individuals/households.
    o Avoid hosting volunteer events during peak hours of park use, depending on the site.
    o Consider how to eliminate time during the event where people gather in one space; for example, welcome area, mulch pile, etc.


  • Face Covering – The COVID-19 Face Covering Policy for City of Seattle Executive Department Employees, Contractors/Vendors, Volunteers and Visitors to City Facilities (updated on August 2, 2021) outlines the policy and exemptions for face coverings.
    o This includes the requirement to provide disposable masks for participants. Event leads can request masks from GSP via email or CEDAR. All participants should arrive to the event wearing masks
    o When children (younger than 12) are present, face coverings are required for all participants (except children under 2 years old).
    o All participants should arrive wearing a face covering, and keep it on during event introductions, when assisting other participants with tasks, during clean up and in any other scenario where 6-foot distancing cannot be maintained. Masks may be removed during work activities where participants are spread out and able to maintain at least 6-foot distancing.


  • Sanitation – Common sanitation practices are still an important part of limiting the spread of COVID-
    19. Events leads are required to support sanitation efforts, including:
    o GSP will continue to coordinate delivery of sanitation supplies through direct email request or as part of CEDAR requests.
    o Provide hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based and contains at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill the virus. Hand washing stations are not required, but where feasible, event leads should direct people to comfort stations with soap and water in addition to having hand sanitizer available.
    o Tool handles should be sanitized before transferring between program participants. Tool sanitation is not required when the interval between use exceeds 7 days. Use disinfectant wipes/cleaner with greater than 70% alcohol and ensure there is one minute or more contact with the surface when cleaning tools, vehicles, and other surfaces to properly kill virus which may be present.


  • Gloves – All staff and participants must wear gloves while handling tools, supplies, or equipment. Leads are encouraged to ask participants to bring their own gloves. GSP will offer free gloves for participants to use and take home. Where safe handling can be ensured (after 7 days or while wearing a mask and gloves), washing gloves between uses is okay.


  • Food – Food at events is discouraged, but where necessary, a minimum of 10-foot distancing is required for people to eat with their masks off. Providing food requires thoughtful use of pre-packaged foods and close adherence to the sanitation requirements listed above.


  • Hydration – Hydration during events is always encouraged and a minimum of 10-foot distancing is required for people to drink with their masks off.


  • Bathrooms – Both sanicans and access to comfort stations are allowed at this time.

Stay Local or Discover Something New!

With over 1,500 events a year in 155 different parks, you’re likely just a stone’s throw away from the next volunteer event. One of the most exciting parts of the Green Seattle Partnership is that it empowers people to make the changes they want to see in their own communities. We seek to have all 2,754 acres of Seattle’s forested parklands under active restoration and maintenance, which means everyone will have access to healthy green spaces. 


What to expect when you volunteer with us

When you attend a Green Seattle event, you’ll get all the training you need when you arrive! However, if you’re curious about the kinds of activities you might be doing, or if you just want to prepare yourself, we have tons of resources available. Check out some of the videos below to learn more about planting, invasive removal, or other activities at our volunteer events! 

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